How to teach neural networks (deep learning) to your grandma?


Curiosity - To learn about neural networks.

Patience - It takes time to train networks.

Ask Questions

  • Raise your hands
  • Standup
  • Throw something


  • Formula to convert miles to kilometers?
  • Formula to convert celsius to farenheit?
  • Formula to convert non-swimmer to swimmer?

Tacit Knowledge

Difficult to transfer to another person by writing/verbalizing.

Ex: Driving, Swimming

How tacit knowledge is acquired?

  • By practice and learning


  • Open Loop Systems

Ex: Flash light in phone

  • Closed Loop System

Ex: Auto brightness in phone

Closed Loop System

  • They can contain tacit knowledge.
  • They learn things.
  • They can preserve learning.

Why machines need to learn?

  • They know only 0 & 1.
  • Humans wanted machines to solve complex problems.
  • Very hard to write python program to recognise images.

How to make machines learn?

  • Biology inspired design

Design a system which can learn

Learning System v1

  • Convert miles to kilometers

Learning System v1

  • Single node
  • Not enough for real world problems
  • Need more nodes
  • Average value which satisfies of all input data

Learning System v2

  • Solve linear equations

Learning System v2

  • Multi node
  • Classical xor problem
  • Need more layers

Learning System v3

  • Digit recogniser

Learning System v3

  • Mutli layer, multi node
  • Good enough for real world problems


  • Learning how neural networks is easy
  • Training neural networks for good accuracy is hard